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gator ruby
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  • Vape Case
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  • $50

    Vape Case

    lambskin navy quilted
    lambskin wine quilted
    lambskin blush quilted
    lambskin silver quilted
    lambskin forest green quilted
    calfskin caviar
    calfskin blue red tie dye
    calfskin yellow red tie dye
    calfskin denim
    calfskin green tie dye
    lambskin orange quilted
    lambskin white quilted
    lambskin tan quilted
    lambskin black quilted
    ostrich grey silver
    ostrich grey
    calfskin floral
    lizard khaki
    hair calf leopard
    snake turquoise with black
    gator black
    lizard black
    calfskin camo
    lizard red
    calfskin black
    snake gold with black
    snake purple with black
    snake silver with blue
    snake fuchsia with black
    lizard navy
    lizard pastels
    gator brown
    gator orange
    gator wood
    gator dark navy
    gator yellow
    gator dark lavender
    gator purple
    gator olive
    gator forest green
    gator light brown
    gator grey
    gator burnt khaki
    gator red
    calfskin red
    calfskin avocado
    calfskin cranberry
    lizard cream with markings
    lizard grey
    caiman sage
    caiman navy
    gator silver
    gator dark aqua
    gator ruby
    gator ruby matte
    ostrich light brown
    ostrich olive
    This case is compatible with JUUL® vaporizers and similar devices.
    JUUL® is a trademark of Juul Labs, Inc. This case is not associated with or approved by Juul Labs, Inc.

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